Earn With Coinpot

Here’s how you can earn with Coinpot.

First create your coinpot account here >>> https://coinpot.co

After you have registered to coinpot, then you have to register on the links listed below. Be sure to use the same email you used to sign up on coinpot so all the coins you will claim will go to your coinpot account. If you use different emails then you will lose all your claims.


So how to earn?

Claim each and every coins every 5 minutes or anytime you want. Claim everyday to get the daily bonus and reach the 100% daily loyalty bonus to make your claims soar to the moon. (which means your faucet payouts are doubled!!!)

Do the challenges to earn BIG. Make at least 3-5 times claims every day or if you have some time, reach the 300 or 500 claims challenge daily. You can also earn from referrals and lottery.

REMINDER: Don’t skip a day without making a claim or your loyalty bonus will be back to zero.. Reset time is 8am. So be sure to make a claim within 24 hours..

For payment proofs and more tips please visit https://web.facebook.com/earnbitcoinsdaily07/