Earn Bitcoins Daily With Ojooo Wad

Here’s how you can earn bitcoins with Ojooo website and by doing this you can earn upto $10 a day or more.

First create an account here >>> https://wad.ojooo.com/register.php

How to earn?

Just view ads daily. I advice 2 times a day. Every morning around 7-8am and in the evening 9-11pm. They show a lot of Ads at this hour. Also you can do the offers everyday. Especially Ojooogrid and Wannads.

How to earn BIG?

Upgrade your account. Invite friends. Make a lot of active direct referrals. If not, you can upgrade your account and buy rented referrals to earn big daily.. Start with Economy Lite and buy your first 10 rented referrals for $2.. But if you have extra money you can start with 100 rented referrals for $20. Then each week try to increase your rented referrals using your own balance so you can reach 5000 rented referrals and earn upto $50 per day.

Remember, you have to view ads daily so you can earn commissions from your referrals.. If you don’t view or clicks ads for the day you won’t get any commissions for the next day. So be sure to be active and view, click ads daily.

You will get your profit after one month.


Each account level has its own rented referral limit. Standard account has a maximum amount of direct referrals to 20 and maximum amount of rented referrals is 100.. Other account level has unlimited number of direct referrals and has limits of rented referrals to 200 for economy lite, 2500 for economy and 5000 rented referrals for privelege account. Check the upgrade area on your account to see the differences between each account level.

Account cost:

Economy Lite – $2 monthly

Economy – $20 monthly

Privelege – $40 monthly

Payment method: Payeer or Bitcoin

Minimum Deposit – $2 / Minimum Cash out – $2

TIP: To get good result fast, do these main jobs.

  1. View ads daily, atleast 4 ads to get commissions from your direct and rented referrals the next day.
  2. Maintain an upgraded account monthly
  3. Maintain your rented referrals monthly
  4. Promote or get more direct referrals
  5. Buy rented referrals until you reach the maximum 5000 limit

Goodluck and Happy Earnings

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